Cholesterol: Simple masala container remedy to complex fitness problem like LDL terrible cholesterol, blood sugar, and viral infections

Cholesterol: Simple masala box remedy to complex health trouble like LDL awful cholesterol, blood sugar, and viral infections

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Garlic has long been referred to as the spice that allows combat triglycerides, bad cholesterol and helps clear blood vessels. But have you ever heard of the uncommon Himalayan Garlic or the snow mountain garlic that is regarded to have a variety of uses in remedy?

Himalayan garlic (Pic: Instagram) that can help carry down ldl cholesterol and treat viral infections? You will locate them while you are on your way to Jammu’s Vaishno Devi shrine. These unmarried pod herb spices help combat triglycerides and several different health disorders.


You will no longer find this kind of Garlic in the plains. Well, you could get them organized, or in case you are lucky, the neighborhood greengrocer may additionally have a consignment of this Himalayan herb spice in a small amount. But this snow mountain garlic is an unmarried pod, or single clove spice observed in the mountainous areas of Jammu and Kashmir. This genus is called Allium Sativum, and it is harvested once 12 months; in Hindi, its name is Ek Pothi lahsun.

Surprisingly, they grow nicely within the western Himalayas at altitudes of up to 800 m, in temperatures as little as −10 °C, and with little or no oxygen.

According to top a research paper published by way of the Bioinformatics Centre, School of Biotechnology, University of Jammu, and the Centre for Agricultural Bioinformatics (CABin), ICAR-Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute, New Delhi — titled “Transcriptome evaluation of Snow Mountain Garlic for unraveling the organosulfur metabolic pathway” the snow mountain garlic contains numerous bioactive compounds whose metabolic pathways have no longer been worked out on the genomic stage. The researchers labored on the transcriptome sequencing of this plant.

The many medicinal uses of Himalayan Garlic:

Fight Cancer: The Himalayan Garlic inherently incorporates an organosulphur compound diallyl trisulphide that allows combat most cancers by using supporting the frame to kill the cancerous cells. Its efficiency is vouched for with the aid of the National Cancer Institute, as in step with a report within the Times Of India.  Fight Diabetes: Allicin in Garlic combines with Vitamin B and Thiamine to stimulate the pancreas to generate insulin within the body, helping combat diabetes efficaciously. Fight Cholesterol: It prevents the formation of plaque and clots by lowering the density of the blood. Jammu garlic can decrease upto dl cholesterol and triglyceride tiers in a human frame.  Cardiac health enhancer: The Himalayan Garlic is ideal for the heart. It consists of a chemical compound called Hydrogen Sulfide that enables loosening up the muscle tissues and thereby helps in reducing blood pressure ranges. Fights cough and cold: The Allinase and Alliin in snow mountain garlic help create a solid and fantastic compound known as Allicin that helps the frame combat micro organism-driven ailments.

How to eat Kashmiri Lehsun or Himalayan Garlic:

According to Goqii.Com, a famous recipe is peeling 3 or 4 cloves and featuring them on an empty stomach. According to KashmirVilla.Com, the following techniques will help you harness the blessings of snow mountain garlic or Jammu’s Ek Pothi Lahsun.

For Acne: Peel 2 or three bulbs and massage on the affected part for 10 minutes.
For Asthma: Take two garlic pods and do away with the outer element. Boil in a pitcher of milk and drink at night.
For Digestive issues: Take two cloves of Garlic. Then boil in a cup of milk or water. Drink it once in an afternoon.
For High Blood Pressure: Consume two cloves of Garlic on an empty belly.
For High Cholesterol: Peel 3 or 4 cloves of Garlic and have it on an empty belly.
For Wounds: Squeeze out the fluid of Garlic and mix with little water. Wash wounds with the mixture two times an afternoon.
For Tuberculosis: Peel 2 to 4 shells and crush. Boil in a cup of milk and drink as soon as a day.
For Ascaris: Peel and squeeze ten cloves and soak in a pitcher of water. Drink it on an empty stomach the subsequent morning.

A word of warning: These are the most effective meal components and are now not the stand-on remedy for any of the above-stated maladies. Kindly do now not modify your medicines or start using the garlic pods without a nod out of your doctor.

Disclaimer: Tips and hints noted within the article are for general information purposes handiest and ought to not be construed as a professional clinical recommendation. Always consult your health practitioner or an expert healthcare company when you have any particular questions about any medical matter.

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