Electric Wheelchairs: Factors to Consider When Purchasing One

Electric wheelchairs are not only personal mobility aids but also extensions of the body. They help users to improve their mobility and regain their independence. The electric wheelchairs involve modern innovation to help you efficiently perform your hobbies and daily tasks. Also, you will enjoy their state-of-art and customizable features. There is a large variety of reliable electric wheelchairs for sale today. Therefore, persons with disabilities should be encouraged to use them to boost mobility.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Electric Wheelchair

Drive System

One essential factor to consider when choosing an electric wheelchair is the appropriate drive system. Electric wheelchairs can be propelled by mid-wheel, rear-wheel, or front-wheel drive, and each drive offers its advantages.

Among these three drives, wheelchairs with front wheels are the most challenging to operate. Therefore, they require the users to be patient and practice enough. Nevertheless, electric wheelchairs with front wheels perform well outdoors and indoors. Their system allows users to steer on uneven terrain, offering a smooth curb climb. They encompass a decent turning radius that can be operated in compact spaces.

On the other hand, the mid-wheel drive features a small turn radius and provides easy maneuverability. Its two caster wheels at the back and front facilitate better balance, thus reducing the risk of tripping over. Additionally, it offers the best indoor performance to its users. Therefore, it is appropriate for new users as it is the most stable and easiest to operate.

The rear-wheel-drive system provides the best option for people who spend most of their time outdoors. It has strong stability even at high speed and is perfect for rough pavements. Also, this drive system encompasses a large turning radius, making it challenging to operate indoors.

Your Mobility Needs

It is essential to consider one’s living area measurements before buying a wheelchair, especially if it is a permanent addition to your life. Consider the room needed for your power chair to move without obstacles. Also, you need to determine if your work revolves around outdoor or indoor activities.

Comfort and support

No one wants to be in an uncomfortable space at any time. Therefore, comfort is paramount in any wheelchair, especially if you will be moving with it most of the time. Electric chairs usually come with standardized seats, which might be uncomfortable because they lack a perfect fit. I recommend adding extra support and padding to relieve joint pressure.


If your work involves outdoor activities, you should consider the portability of your power chair, mainly if you use public transport. I recommend you purchase lightweight, portable power chairs that are easy to disassemble and transport. Most of these chairs will be smaller than the others. However, these chairs can be less comfortable as they involve less padding. Also, they might be less powerful and inappropriate for use on soft and uneven surfaces like sand, grass, or stone pavements. If you own a car, you can renovate it to fit your chair more easily.

In conclusion, purchasing a power wheelchair is a hefty investment, so selecting an appropriate electric wheelchair is essential.

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