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Pain is the body’s way of signaling that some thing isn’t always proper. “It is a mistake to brush aside any kind of pain,” says Dr. Miten Sheth, consultant knee general practitioner, The Knee Clinic. “The first step is to seek a solution to the problem, for which it’s crucial to consult a professional. You need to recognize what, where and the way. Unless you searching for a health practitioner’s advice, you will be not able to find answers to these questions.”
Pain is a symptom — it happens when there may be an injury to a muscle or a nerve. Doctors will, commonly, look into the sort and nature of pain, considering such things as what aggravates it, and what relieves it, how long it’s persevered for, and other accompanying signs and symptoms. When a nerve is involved, the painful sensation is with paraesthesia — tingling — and causalgia, that’s a burning pain, which can discuss with the distal parts of the arm and legs. When the pain is due to muscle strain — damage or trauma — it may subside due to painkillers, however best temporarily. Eventually, the muscular tissues which are local stabilizers will shut off and the ache will recur. “The institution of muscle groups can be inhibited because of the pain and will need to be labored on,” says physiotherapist Dr. Rekha Shanbhag. “They will now not come back to every day on their personal, due to what’s called ‘behind schedule timing and recruitment deficiency’. The international muscle mass feature gets affected and they could move into fatigue; there can even be compensatory movements. That may also purpose your pain. It’s a series,” says Dr. Shanbhag. In such cases, pain comfort must be accompanied by the strengthening of the muscle mass.
Fifty consistent with cent of the patients in Indian OPDs suffer from continual ache, says Dr. Sanjoy Bhuiyan, representative ache management, PD Hinduja Hospital. Psychology plays a prime function in such cases. “When the center of the pain is the hypothalamus, it can’t be handled. In a case like that, if a patient had been to come back to me complaining of returned ache, and an MRI revealed that there’s a nerve that’s inflicting the trouble, I would inject it with the applicable medication, and the affected person would be pleasant. But, say, the identical patient became to research of dying in the own family — the ache would return with a vengeance,” says Dr. Bhuiyan, who appears at pain holistically on the Hinduja Hospital pain control center. “I warn all my patients about this. Such ache commonly goes away on its own, too, inside a week or so,” he provides.
Prevention is always higher than cure and yoga is a superb way to prevent pain, says Dr. Manoj Kutteri, a naturopath who works at Atlanta well-being hotel. “Exercises that assist mobilize all the joints — fingers, wrist, elbow, and shoulders — can also prevent pains,” he says. Dr. Anil Heroor, the pinnacle of surgical oncology at Fortis Hospital, Kalyan, adds: “A wholesome weight loss program and an energetic life-style helps fight pain by way of increasing endorphins, that are mood elevators, and help in ache management.”

When it involves knee pain, rest is continually a terrific concept. Avoid standing and walking too much, says Dr. Sheth. “For starters, acute ache may be handled with nearby ice software. Chronic pain fares higher with warm nearby therapy. This must be accomplished at common intervals (every 4 to 6 hours) for quick intervals (10-15 min) taking care to keep away from extreme touch and next burns,” he provides. Over-the-counter ache medicinal drug like Paracetamol 500 or 650mg can also help or a protracted knee brace works well to immobilize the knee and make certain relaxation. If the ache does now not subside, an orthopedic health practitioner should be consulted.
“We observe posture, biomechanics, and whether the road of gravity, which has to fall when the bottom of support is altered. Many times we discover that during cases of flat-ft, the weight falls at the medial aspect of the knee causing ache. Footwear that compensates for this, and muscle paintings can carry comfort,” says Dr. Shanbhag.
“The best clinical and success home remedy is a change in way of life. Keep your weight in check,” says Dr. Sheth. He recommends using western-style commodes rather than Indian toilets. “Reduce how lengthy you sit move-legged for, and your use of staircases, in particular in case you already have knee ache. If you preserve your self-fit, eat wholesome meals and workout frequently; your knees may be fine. No domestic remedies may be required,” he adds. He also points out that calcium and nutrition D dietary supplements, can have an effect on the bones, but now not the joints. “Many human beings think that dietary supplements are like magic wands, but this is not true. Literature and proof do now not support their efficacy in dealing with such problems,” he says.
Red flags: Sudden ache accompanied via local redness, warmth and swelling around the knee is a purple flag. The best actual emergency issue inside and around the knee joint is an infection. Infections should be diagnosed as early as viable and should be handled right away. Though rare, whilst it afflicts the joint, infections can lead to a surprising, excessive, throbbing pain that persists through day and night time.
Dr. Pawan Ojha, HOD and neurologist, Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi — A Fortis Network Hospital — offers sufferers with chronic or acute complications this key piece of recommendation: “Avoid triggers consisting of caffeine consumption, smoking, and alcohol consumption. Regularising your sleep cycle is simply as essential.” He also adds, “Report to the health practitioner if there may be any trade in severity and period of the existing symptoms.”
“In case of a migraine, it facilitates to apply an ice percent, get enough relaxation, avoid noise, and exposure to light,” provides Dr. Ojha. “Massages, application of ice percent and/or warmness percent might also assist reduce anxiety-related headaches. And, brief, severe bodily interest may additionally alleviate the ache of ‘cluster headaches’,” he adds.

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