Managing Our Depression Using Technology

With the growing awareness around depression and other mental health challenges, we are trying to identify when we are struggling and what we can do about it. Sometimes, being able to recognize when we may have symptoms of depression is challenging. Typically, we start thinking about our mental health when something doesn’t feel right. For example, feeling down for an extended period or finding that we are almost always anxious impacts our daily lives. Sometimes, we even see that it is hard to describe what we are experiencing or how severe our experiences are.

We might wonder if we are experiencing life’s regular ups and downs or something more serious. We often turn to the internet and search or take an online quiz to search for a label we can use. We might ask ourselves, can you self-diagnose depression and other mental health issues? How can we know the difference between mental health and physical health issues since the symptoms can be very similar? Who can we talk to who understands what we are experiencing? While there are several ways we can learn about and explore our mental health struggles, it is always essential to have good communication with all our doctors and mental health professionals.

Identifying Depression With Technology

Today, there are many ways that technology can help those with depression. For example, language in Facebook posts can be a good indication of the mental well-being of our friends and family members. While we often post the highlights of our lives on social media, when we are struggling, that struggle can appear in the language we use to describe ourselves, our lives, or even the memes we share.

It is essential to notice when our posts or friends’ posts start to take a dark turn because this might mean we need to reach out for additional support. More and more social media platforms provide options to report when someone is saying something that makes us worry about their mental health. Once registered, the person often gets a message with resources that might help.

Managing Depression With Technology

There are many mental health apps that we can choose from. Some apps involve taking mental health assessments. Some apps focus on helping us be more mindful of keeping a gratitude journal. These apps also help us practice deep breathing, meditation, or even yoga. In some cases, we will find that we know we are struggling with depression and want some easy-to-use tools.

The great thing about a mental health app is it is always available to us no matter how much we are struggling or how little energy we have. Several of these apps are also free, which is good news if we face financial hardship. Mental health apps can be a great resource if we have mild symptoms, feel a little off, or want a mental health tune-up.

Treating Depression With Technology

The best-case scenario is finding a good therapist once we have identified that we are struggling. In cases where an in-person therapist will not work for us, we can turn to a wide range of online therapy. Online therapy allows us to access many therapists who specialize in life situations. This means we are more likely to find a therapist we feel comfortable being vulnerable with. Having a therapist who understands our cultural, religious, or personal identities can make a big difference in how well we do in therapy.

Technology is an excellent option for us to identify when our mental health is struggling, manage our mental health symptoms, and work with a therapist to find ways to live our best lives. Some therapists offer online sessions via Zoom or at-home phone calls. In other cases, there are apps where we can be in regular contact with a therapist via text or another messaging system. Understanding what will make both our therapist and us the most comfortable in getting the most out of our time together is essential.

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