Mental health app ThoughtFull, Pfizer to expand get admission to to biopsychosocial care in Singapore

Digital intellectual fitness platform Thought and pharmaceutical firm Pfizer Singapore have signed an extraordinary partnership to give people in Singapore greater access to biopsychosocial care.

The collaboration seeks to counter the stigma around mental fitness and bridge the gap in remedy. Under this partnership, thought might offer a loose 3-month get entry to counselor or psychologist assistance through its mobile app ThoughtFullChat. The app additionally has capabilities of curated self-serve content, monitoring, and one-on-one behavioral training and remedy.

Pfizer Singapore will help connect psychosocial and pharmacological care, including fees, to its practice.


thoughtful and Pfizer are concentrated explicitly on patients with prevalent depressive disorder (MDD). White paper research by accounting firm KPMG found that the ailment is considered one of Asia-Pacific’s most important causes of out-of-pocket healthcare expenditure. In a 2016 study, Singapore’s Institute of Mental Health (IMH) found that the treatment hole for MDD stood at above seventy-three because of stigma and the inaccessibility of care.

Considering this, Pfizer Singapore Country Manager Erika Pagani said they initiated the partnership with Thoughtful to “undertake the stigmas related to intellectual health and develop a digital intellectual fitness area to assist support the mental healthcare ecosystem in Singapore”.

Meanwhile, Joan Low, founder and CEO of thoughtful, cited how the COVID-19 pandemic uncovered the intense gaps in quit-to-stop intellectual healthcare delivery. “As we transition out of this pandemic, our paintings to close those gaps in biopsychosocial help has just started,” she said.


Another Singaporean company, Holmusk, recently partneredip with the National Healthcare Group and the IMH to co-develop superior analytics gear to allow earlier detection of and intervention in mental health disorders. They will even ​​create a set of digital therapeutics and tools for academic healthcare that may be deployed in hospitals and clinics throughout primary care and network settings.

Meanwhile, Singapore’s Ministry of Health, through the Health Promotion Board, is about to release later this 12 months an online portal for mental health sources on HealthHub.

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