No brainer? Report pans cognition supplements, an awful lot to enterprise dismay

The file examines dietary supplements, such as omega-three fish oil and apoaequorin (jellyfish), that claim to reinforce cognition. It cites a lack of evidence to recommend any supplement for adult brain fitness.
The authors acknowledge although a small body of proof that displays omega-three fatty acid supplements may additionally gain those with slight cognitive impairment, which is usually a precursor of Alzheimer’s.

Women with low tiers of omega-3 tend to have higher rates of despair,” the authors said. There is proof that omega-three supplement use effectively treats older human beings with moderate to moderate depression. Some studies have found that those with low stages of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) may additionally benefit from supplements. However, the load of the present evidence does not sufficiently show benefit, and we do not endorse omega-three supplements for mental health.

Dorothy R. Ferry

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