Trainer Goes Online turned over $1 Million for fitness running shoes globally

Founded in April 2020 through Akshay Paliwal, Abhinav Tripathi, Nirmit Maniar, and Atul Verma, TrainerGoesOnline commenced with a vision to empower fitness running shoes globally via transitioning their business online and helping them attain economic freedom irrespective of their existing health club training process.

Akshay Paliwal (the co-founder) states, “In simply the remaining ten months, we were able to assist one hundred+ health running shoes globally and became over $1 Million in new online sales for our clients, which had been previously untapped. Most of our customers are averaging among five-10X online business growth, and our intention for the coming year is to help our clients turnover $10 Million in income.”

The adventure of TrainerGoesOnline began right from the first week of the pandemic when the co-founders have been early to are expecting that the pandemic may impact the fitness industry significantly. They hoped that gyms could shut down, which would essentially mean loads of thousands of fitness trainers getting unemployed globally. They believed that this would be an actual problem to resolve and, for this reason, thought approximately growing a sustainable business around it.

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TrainerGoesOnline, one of the leading global pioneers inside the online health enterprise, began the business enterprise by providing end-to-stop virtual transformation offerings exclusively for health running shoes. They helped the fitness trainers through constructing their top-class online education apps, positioning them as high-price ticket coaches, and even did their virtual advertising to get an excessive profile of online clients globally.

On 28 November 2021, the co-founders of TrainerGoesOnline additionally launched their flagship SaaS platform on the Dubai World Trade Center. Abhinav Tripathi states, “We consider that our new SaaS platform holds the capacity to revolutionize the manner online schooling is carried out worldwide. Our vision is to make a big effect at the fitness enterprise with the aid of reworking fitness groups and scaling them to new heights!” To understand more about TrainerGoesOnline, click here.

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