Ways to Recognize Signs and Symptoms of Drug Addiction

People undergo different processes when they are addicted to behaviors and substances. The person abusing drugs will show signs of addiction while other people can observe the signs. Since most people hide their life experiences, it is vital to show concern whenever a friend or loved one shows addiction signs. The best solution would be to talk to them and enroll them in a drug addiction treatment center. On the other hand, it is impossible to know if you have limited or no knowledge about drug addiction. However, this read seeks to assist you in recognizing the signs and symptoms of drug addiction.

An Overview of Substance Abuse Disorder

Substance abuse disorder is the medical identification of drug addiction. It is a condition affecting a patient’s brain and behavior. Regardless of whether the substances are legal or illegal, it is a concern when a person does not realize the dangers of using the drugs. The youths start experimenting with drugs during their free time. Over time, the practice becomes routine, leading to substance abuse disorder. In modern society, numerous substances might lead individuals from all ages and walks of life into addiction. It includes prescription drugs like painkillers or cough syrups and substances such as alcohol, cigarettes, and marijuana, among others. Some other addictive behaviors are social media, gaming, shopping, work, gambling, and sex.

What are the Signs and Symptoms?

It is vital to identify signs and symptoms of addiction for the person to get assistance immediately. Here are things to look at;

  • Personality Changes: When a person’s behavior changes, it alters their personality. Addicts often lose interest in things that matter to them and quickly develop bad relationships with colleagues and loved ones. Lack of commitment to obligations and engagement in risky behaviors are warning signs if the person never used to do such things.
  • Health deterioration: be on the lookout for changes in physical and mental health. Some signs include sudden weight loss, damaged teeth, loss of hair, poor memory, and poor concentration. Patients may vomit, tremble, or sweat unusually. Drug addiction also affects speech, and affected people will find it difficult to speak.
  • Social problems: It is alarming when a person neglects his appearance. Addicts lose interest in grooming and appearance. Their productivity will be reduced, and they will likely miss work and school.
  • Other signs are addicted people will spend money on substances even though they cannot afford them. They get the intense urge to use and steal money to get the drug. Consider checking the amount of time a person spends searching, using, or recovering from the substance.


Substance abuse disorders can affect individuals from varying socioeconomic classes and cultures. Most people get addicted without knowing it. It is critical to identify the signs and symptoms early enough. Getting help early from a professional detox and rehabilitation center can help fast recovery for someone suffering from drug addiction.

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