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We Tried Lululemon’s Brand New Skincare and Beauty Line—Here’s What We Thought

To bring up its buyers in a new way, Lululemon worked with athletes and self-care professionals to create a modern-day line of 4 splendor and skincare merchandise—it just launched nowadays. The liked activewear logo guarantees to tackle the whole lot, from sweaty hair and frame scent to a ruddy complexion regularly related to running out. How Lululemon approached the improvement of that merchandise located a massive awareness of the truth that the road may be used by lively humans, making sure that they’ll get up to yoga and cardio alike, with both male and lady wearers (that is, the motive for the minimalist red and white packaging and unisex scents).

As a big fan of the brand’s clothing (who does not love a perfect pair of Wunder Unders?), I became intrigued about the line— especially as a beauty editor obsessed with operating out—and it felt like this series turned into something made for me! So, once I attempted the entirety out, I did so with open thoughts, paying close interest to how everything was carried out at some stage in an outstanding sweaty HIIT sesh.

First, I applied the Anti-Stink Deodorant ($18; lululemon.Com) in scents: Aloe Lotus and Black Pepper Sandalwood. I went with the latter, a chunk spicier when evaluating the powdery scent that maximum deodorants offer (and that I tend to go for). The sophisticated heady scent grew on me, specifically for put-up-exercising after I skipped a shower and opted for a spritz of the cooling do alternatively. It was nearly like misting on an attractive perfume. And while it’s now not an antiperspirant (it does not have aluminum), it does p.C. Pre-biotics to lessen the quantity of stink-inducing bacteria.

Next, become a slick of Basic Balm Lip Balm ($14; lululemon.Com). I decided I would become the best person who favored stashing a balm in my gymnasium bag properly before I hit the tread or spin bike; however, dry lips are undoubtedly not unusual trouble for individuals who exercise sessions. This makes me feel that sweat incorporates salt—which may be drying—especially for a place as skinny and touchy because of the lips. This one is laced with natural beeswax and jojoba oil to fasten in moisture. It stored my lips feeling hydrated, and I observed I wasn’t licking them as much or feeling as dry as I now and again do throughout the day. Is it a magical balm? However, will it update the others I hold on rotation? I assume it just would possibly.

After my exercise, which involved a ton of lunges and a few burpees, you will agree that I turned into dripping with sweat. So, it was the ideal time to douse my strands with the No-Show Dry Shampoo ($34; I’m no longer an avid dry shampoo consumer because my hair does not get splendidly greasy. Still, this one is geared particularly for absorbing wetness and even improving hair and scalp fitness over the years.

To help sop up sweat and oil, it includes inexperienced and brown algae in conjunction with tapioca starch, which is lightweight and does not weigh hair down. Since I tend to sweat plenty, I enlisted the help of a hair towel and took a blow dryer for a fast, cool shot second. But universally, I sensed that my hair seemed higher and fuller after using the dry shampoo than when I genuinely permitted the sweat to dry. The best part? There was no white residue left behind, and instead, I noticed a diffused (however much favored) smooth, heady

Scent to mask any smell. Lastly, it turned into time to tackle what I like to name my “tomato face” with the Sweat Reset Face Moisturizer ($ forty-eight; In an equal manner that it results in lips, sweat can dry out your pores and skin—through the years, which could cause a spike in sebum manufacturing, so it is fine to hold skin hydrated and happy. Along with menthyl to resource in cooling down, this light gel also consists of a pomegranate enzyme to exfoliate. On the flip side, it keeps dead skin at bay and can help save you from breakouts. It soaked in quickly and left my pores and skin with a dewy, healthy glow.

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