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10 European femtech startups taking true care of girls’s health issues

Women’s reproductive rights have made the information lately. Alabama’s new (near overall) abortion ban shed light on the truth that in 2019 get the right of entry to specialized scientific remedies isn’t always universal for women. Even worse, it showed that access to girls’ care is a problem to political fluctuations. Even Western criminal structures from time to time fail to provide ok ensures to girls to make choices regarding their own bodies. Where politics and governments nevertheless warfare, technology can also find a way to assist.

In specific, Semtech startups have come to the rescue. The term Semtech refers “to the rising variety of digital technology-focused in particular on girls’ fitness. The majority of the marketplace currently consists in large part of wearable devices and telephone interfaces, related clinical gadgets, and hygiene products.

10 European femtech startups taking true care of girls’s health issues 1

These products, platforms, and techniques are geared towards widening girl access to healthcare on an international scale, empowering in addition to instructing ladies,” in keeping with the FemTech Healthcare Landscape Report. In Europe, numerous startups have made it their venture to deliver nice tech-driven healthcare to women in medical remedies and prevention. Some instances that didn’t make this list (due to the fact they aren’t European or aren’t startups) include established woman care tech agencies Thnx length underclothes, contraceptive app Natural Cycles, The Pill Club, a telemed service focused on turning in start control, emergency contraceptives, and unfastened gifts to promote a healthy way of life.

Here are rather a few fantastic examples of European startups that can take appropriate care of women and their fitness problems. Syrona_women-logoSyrona Women – Founded in 2017 in London, Syrona is a digital Semtech platform that enables women to monitor their personal gynecological fitness at home through a subscription.

The platform can monitor female issues in three regions: fertility, endometriosis, and gynecological cancers. Syrona aims to empower girls throughout the globe to display their personal gynecological fitness through the clever interaction of software programs and hardware. Its first product is a fertility test, but tests determining endometriosis and the hazard of gynecological cancers are within the pipeline. So some distance, Syrona has raised a complete of $63.6K in funding over three rounds.

Elvie_logoElvie – Elvie Trainer is a pelvic ground trainer app that you didn’t know you wished. The product is an award-prevailing app-connected Kegel teacher facilitating women to fortify the pelvic ground via fun, 5-minute workout routines. And the final 12 months, the femtech corporation released its second product, Elvie Pump, the arena’s first silent, wearable breast pump. Founded in October 2015 in London, the company has now accomplished international repute – diagnosed as one of Wired’s ‘most up to date begin-ups, one of the 15 startups ‘To Watch’ using The Sunday Times, and with its products featured inside the Oscar Nominee Gift Bags. Elvie has additionally managed to raise a whopping total of $53.Eight million in investment, such as a €37.Five million in April 2019 in the biggest Semtech spherical to this point.

Superizzyai-logoSuper Izzy AI – Founded in 2016 in Berlin, Super Izzy AI gives personalized health advice for ladies based totally on information series. In different words, Super Izzy is a chatbot that facilitates ladies to keep music in their conditions and teach themselves approximately reproductive health. The task behind the chatbot is to make girls more aware and, at the same time, fight the stigma that includes lady health problems.

The corporation argues that “taboos about ladies’ health bring about low attention, growing massive health dangers” (e.G. STIs, cancer). In man or woman, care is costly, lacks sources, and isn’t scalable. Current virtual solutions don’t integrate information series with customized fitness recommendation.” But Super Izzy AI does, and pretty effectively! The startup has raised a total of €240K in investment over 1 spherical.

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