Men’s Health Awareness Month: Time to take annual test-u.S.A.Severely

The month of November is dedicated to Men’s Health Awareness Month. Also known as Movember, it is a worldwide marketing campaign that focuses on addressing a number of the principal health problems encountered by men, specifically prostate cancer, testicular cancers, mental fitness, and suicide prevention. Among some fitness situations regular inside the UAE, the most prevailing ones faced using guys are Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), prostate cancers, infertility, type 2 diabetes, stone ailment, colorectal cancers, and cardiovascular illnesses. It is full-size to note that many of these situations are urology-related. This is also evident because, globally, prostate cancer is the second most common place most cancer among guys and the fourth most normal cancer in the basic populace. According to a worldwide study, in 2018, the world had seen 1—three million new cases of prostate cancer.

Men’s Health Awareness

Closer to domestic, in 2020, out of every one hundred,000 males, 270 new cases of prostate cancers and 313 new instances of colorectal cancers were visible in UAE. Furthermore, global male lifespans are 4 to five years, much less than girls. This disparity is frequently connected to lifestyle-related health issues in adolescents, in addition to a reasonably high occurrence of cardiovascular ailment and dangerous tumors around center age. Strong masculinity ideals, customs, attitudes, and stereotypes are tremendous and adverse to guys’ fitness. These perceptions create social limitations that keep guys from getting timely scientific assistance and expose them to more dangers. Some fitness concerns are also behavioral, including cigarette and alcohol use, which contribute appreciably to existence-expectancy gaps.

The situation in the UAE

While the UAE has successfully transformed itself into a quick-expanding financial system in the past decades, excessive working hours, high-stress ranges at work, and terrible and inactive exisces have contributed to the populace’s declining fitness in men and women alike. What is more incredibly difficult is that guys generally tend to keep mum about their problems.

“According to the modern-day figures from SEHA, UAE guys aren’t doing sufficient to take price in their health,” says Dr. Omer Al-Derwish, Consultant Urologist at Fakeeh University Hospital. “Almost 70% of Emirati men under 30 years suffer from weight problems, and forty-six % are both diabetic or prediabetic. For numerous motives, no longer sufficient guys between 20-30 years are undergoing ordinary full bodily work-ups and screening for usual health troubles.”

Among different critical fitness conditions faced by men in UAE, chronic kidney ailment has grown to be a lot more commonplace over the past two decades. According to a recent study, the superiority of this disorder among UAE nationals is 4.6% in adult males. It is a long-term, complicated ailment that doesn’t get better with time. According to the Emirates Nephrology Society, over 1,600 human beings within the country are on dialysis often, and this range is developing 12 months after year.

As in keeping with the Annual Report of the UAE – National Cancer Registry, guys between the age organization of fifty-five-64 are most susceptible to developing most cancers, additionally, in step with the latest research posted by the Abu Dhabi Health Authority, prostate cancer is the third most everyday cancer within the UAE, affecting about 270 males out of every hundred 000 males.

In line with a survey of a thousand miles in UAE, 62% no longer recognize or have been unclear about the everyday risks of prostate cancer. Furthermore, seventy-nine of the adult males polled indicated they had no concept of carrying out a testicular cancer self-exam.

According to research compiled within the UAE, 45.4% of all cancer diagnoses in 2017 (the most recent numbers available) had been in individuals aged 20-forty nine, up from 42.Three yea rs ago. Environmental variables like harmful lifestyle alternatives, inactivity, and food have a role. Also, expanded screenings and a slow increase in symptom awareness may have resulted in better diagnoses.

“It is recommended that all men above forty years need to begin seeing a urologist often,” says Dr. Hosam Al Qudah, Consultant and Lead Urologist at Fakeeh University Hospital. “This isn’t always to guard in opposition to prostate cancer, but also to take the price of your overall fitness together with prostate, urinary, and sexual health. Despite being a health practitioner, we understand that most of these troubles are hard to talk about. However, no longer addressing them can complicate your fitness. It is important to normalize those talks as normal health conversations.”

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