What Does The Red Line on Packets of Some Medicine Indicate?

You might have observed a purple-colored stripe at the packets of various drug treatments. However, very few human beings know that this line suggests something crucial about drugs, tablets, etc. And therefore, it’s essential to recognize what it manner.

We often have visible humans taking a medicinal drug without consultation and now and then even affected by the facet outcomes. Consumption of those drug treatments without a physician’s session might also even pose a risk to existence.

In 2016, the Ministry of Health, Government of India, shared a publish on Twitter informing human beings about this crimson line and what it intended.


The informative Twitter submit of the Ministry says that the drugs with the purple stripe on the packet ought to be no longer taken without a doctor’s prescription. The purple bar is prominent on antibiotics. These strips suggest that the medication should no longer be taken without the prescription or session of a fitness professional or a doctor.

And therefore, at the same time as you take a look at the expiry date of the medication, it’s miles equally critical to note if the packet has a crimson stripe on it.

So it’s miles advisable to not take any medication on your very own or at the concept of the man or woman on the chemist shop. It is necessary to seek advice from a scientific practitioner, especially before ingesting the medication that incorporates the pink line. Read all of the Latest News, Breaking News, and Coronavirus News right here.

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