‘Drug abuser trained “attack squirrel” to protect him by feeding it crystal meth’

A drug abuser trained up an ‘assault squirrel’ to defend him by feeding it meth to make it aggressive, police say. Ronnie Reynolds, 37, reportedly saved the hairy animal in a cage at his domestic in Limestone County, Alabama, and plied it with the effective pills to make it jumpy and angry. Sheriff’s deputies have been referred to his home on Monday morning after receiving reports of approximately the squirrel. A video shared by the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office suggests the animal bouncing off the edges of its cage simultaneously as behaving in a jittery manner. Investigators determined crystal meth, drug paraphernalia, body armor, and ammunition in the same raid.


Reynolds’ friend Mickey Paulk, 35, is also being sought with police aid amid claims he helped feed the forest creature. Reynolds is also accused of breaking a regulation forbidding everyone in Alabama from maintaining a squirrel as a pet. Deputies have been unable to check the squirrel for crystal meth; however, they successfully launched it lower back into the wild after recording it in the cage. They charged Reynolds with possession of a controlled substance, drug paraphernalia, and loitering at a regarded drug residence. Sex and pills constantly look like a hot topic inside the media and in nearly all social circles.

There are usually inherent dangers associated with drug abuse, and unluckily, there also are critical dangers involved with intercourse. However, the reality of the state of affairs is that intercourse and pills can pose extreme, lifelong results to individuals who interact in such behaviors concurrently. This is the reality of each individual’s conduct independently, and it’s far an appreciably exacerbated truth when the two are blended.

Some humans might declare that sex and tablets “experience correct” together, and for some, this is probably temporarily authentic. However, the reality is that this inspiration includes using tablets – a huge ethical, health, and criminal dilemma within the United States. Additionally, maximum capsules of abuse are highly addictive, posing a critical problem for the fast-term and long-term sexual fitness of the person with an addiction. Ultimately, drug abuse leads to dependency and sex is concerned.

The already inherent dangers of each move are greatly amplified and will have lifelong effects on people who interact in these behaviors. This can encompass undesirable pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, rape and sexual attack, prostitution, and other violent crimes. If you’re having sex and you’ve got drug trouble, they’re in danger and should take on-the-spot action to get help now. Sexuality is some distance too important of a human function to threaten detrimental permanently.

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