Drug bust during Green Bay region nets greater than two dozen suspects

Two-year research right into a drug ring working in the metro Green Bay area has led to 29 arrests and the seizure of at least a kilo of cocaine and several weapons, a prosecutor says. In the middle of the operation, there seems to be one guy, Alejandro Lopez, 37. When he was arrested Monday night time, police found a kilo of cocaine and numerous guns, inclusive of an AR15, at his home, Assistant District Attorney Wendy Lemkuil informed a court commissioner Tuesday afternoon. Lopez became a first-rate provider to the neighborhood operation, which Lemkuil said was led by Ruben Ortiz, 36.

Lopez changed into an ordered hung on a $75,000 bond. The Brown County Drug Task Force and different local, country, and federal agencies were serving search warrants at some stage in the county this week as a part of the investigation. The task pressure issued a short press release Tuesday that said little greater than the investigation was going on and listed the agencies concerned.

Lemkuil found little information about how police first tapped into the case or what went into the investigation.
Several of the drug ring’s largest gamers, Ortiz, won’t seem in court till Wednesday. In all of the instances, prosecutors had not been able to put together criminal court cases, and Tuesday’s hearings were meant to permit Lemkuil to argue that the suspects have to be held in jail till the one’s prices may be prepared. The court docket commissioner agreed and set cash bonds ranging from $500 to $250,000 for the numerous suspects, relying on their level of suspected involvement.

Most suspects are expected to return to court for prices in early July. Several searches had been conducted this week, and in one case, Lemkuil stated guns determined in one of the houses had been within four toes of a young child. Ortiz, 36, is being held in prison on fees of turning in cocaine, heroin, and marijuana and possession of opium. He has been inside and out of state prisons on drug-related costs since 2001. He is predicted to be seen in the courtroom Wednesday afternoon.

He was concerned about different individuals in his family inside the drug operation, Lemkuil stated. However, it was now unclear from courtroom testimony to what extent they had been affected. “Ruben Ortiz was given all of his family members involved, whether they had been siblings, whether or not they were girlfriends, or whether they had been his children and his mother. What is so demanding about everything here is the lengthy-standing nature,” Lemkuil stated. Ortiz’s mom, Nancy Skenadore, is being hung on a $50,000 bond on

Suspicion of running a drug house. Stephanie Ortiz, 29, a member of the neighborhood activist group Black Lives United-Green Bay and sister of Rubin Ortiz, was arrested on suspicion of encouraging probation violations, delivery of amphetamine, and ownership of marijuana. She is being held in jail on a $15,000 bond.
Rubin Ortiz’s son, Franklin Ortiz, 17, was arrested on suspicion of handing over and owning heroin, marijuana ownership, and firearms ownership via a minor. Police found four weapons in his room.

Lemkuil stated. Also among those arrested were Jonathon Patton, owner and operator of Cover 2 Sports Bar & Lounge in Green Bay, and the brother of former Packers participant Charles Woodson. Patton was arrested Monday morning on suspicion of promoting marijuana and preserving a drug-trafficking region.
Patton was ordered to be held in prison on a $20,000 bond. The belief is that during this conspiracy, he

T,urned into permitting an economic conduit for the drug conspiracy to be laundering this money and having those transactions occur at Cover 2,” Lemkuil said. Another guy, Cedric Cohen, forty-one, was diagnosed by using investigators “as one of the number one right-hand humans to Ruben Ortiz. Top 5 out of all of those almost 30 individuals,” Lemkuil stated. Cohen admitted to buying up to 2 pounds of marijuana a month from Ortiz that he could then promote to different people, she said. Cohen is being hung on a $250,000 cash bond.

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