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Mental health: Media enterprise probes ‘uncomfortable reality’

The film and tv enterprise has launched its biggest-ever survey into the intellectual health and wellbeing of its group of workers. It marks the first phase of The Looking Glass examine, led by way of the Film and Television Charity, following 2,000 calls to its industry guide line. Alex Pumfrey, the corporation’s CEO, urged employees to anonymously contribute if you want to “create real trade”. The survey will run until July, with the consequences found out q4. The findings could be used to evaluate the comparative prevalence of intellectual fitness problems inside the enterprise, the perceived boundaries to help and suggest capacity solutions.

Mental health: Media enterprise probes 'uncomfortable reality' 1

An unprecedented duration of destabilization inside the media enterprise has created a freelance running lifestyle – diminishing activity security and statutory rights for employees within the quarter. Last year, a survey from the Sutton Trust – a frame that campaigns for social mobility – determined maximum internships in retailing, the humanities and the media are unpaid. Pumfrey stated the stories of “strain and stress that we pay attention every day thru our assist line continue to polish a light at the uncomfortable truth” of the realities of employment conditions in the enterprise. These days piloted help line gives loose and private advice for film and tv specialists on problems consisting of debt, melancholy, and harassment.

No holiday ‘for years’ – nameless freelancers speak

Freelance anxiety is clearly very actual,” one freelancer tells BBC News. “All of the supposed benefits of being freelance – consisting of bendy working hours and sundry roles – are not often exploited due to the fear of now not getting every other process. I recognize freelancers who have not taken holidays for years because they want to take any process they can, for fear of a ‘quiet spell’. Jobs are frequently published with the stipulation that they need any individual to start ‘tomorrow’, and due to an overly saturated pool of skills.

Corporations can find the money for to get away with this. Another problem is that ‘freelancers’ are regularly saved on in jobs with infinite contract extensions. Which therefore way they get neither the blessings of being personnel or the benefit of being a freelancer. A second freelancer in TV brought: “More often than no longer beyond regular time isn’t paid and you’ll paintings via lunch because of ‘tasks,’ like free lunch and dinner.
“And, there may be an unsaid expectation to paintings around the clock consisting of weekends. If you do not, a manufacturer or show supervisor can replace you without problems otherwise you speedy start to see you’re not a part of the ‘clique,’ and are ousted. I’ve seen fellow employees have breakdowns – it has to trade she stated.

The mind and the body are inseparable. And you do want to engage the whole employee in your worksite wellness program, right? Most worksite wellness programs today are not really wellness programs at all – they are employee health status management programs. Why do I say this? Most worksite wellness programs focus solely on employee physical health, to the exclusion of all the other dimensions of wellness. As conceived by the modern wellness field’s founders, (Robert Allen, Donald Ardell, Halbert Dunn, Bill Hettler, and John Travis), wellness is a multi-dimensional concept. The published wellness model of the National Wellness Institute includes the following dimensions: physical, social, emotional, intellectual, occupational and spiritual.

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