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Oxford VR establishes first-of-kind VR-enabled mental fitness answers in Asia

Oxford VR, an Oxford University spinout organization, has introduced the launch of its leading-part treatment for commonplace mental health situations thru a completely unique partnership with AXA HK and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).

Dubbed ‘Yes I Can’, the initiative will provide a floor-breaking treatment the usage of digital truth (VR) generation. It may be loose to the general public and to AXA’s corporate customers as part of their worker advantages offerings to pressure higher intellectual fitness results in Asia.
The program presents each player with six to 8 30-minute VR sessions over a duration of 3 to six weeks. It is meant for use with the aid of adults who are aged 18 or above, and the localized version may be supplied in each English and Cantonese.
Prior to the launch of the initiative, AXA HK, CUHK, and Oxford VR released a clinically-validated pilot in April using a modern VR generation platform for dealing with not unusual intellectual fitness troubles, together with social avoidance, anxiety and depressive signs, in people’s everyday lives and paintings.
A new survey performed by means of YouGov in June 2019 suggests that seventy-one % of the respondents have experienced at least one symptom of social avoidance due to anxiety and depression, which includes avoiding occasion, finding problems in giving a presentation/communicate at paintings or social interaction with strange humans due to tension or strain. 64% of youngsters elderly 18-24, mainly, have observed incapacity to engage with strangers/unexpected humans.
And one in each eight (thirteen%) Hong Kong people feels unable to speak about the intellectual health count with all of us, and amongst them, 36% of them assume that discussing intellectual well being could exchange how others perceive them, while 27% say they can not afford the time or money to search for professional mental fitness services.
In Hong Kong and China, there is a shortage of a trained team of workers to cater to the massive unmet need. One million people in Hong Kong and 173 million human beings in China suffer from common mental health conditions. It takes around three years to look a psychiatrist for six minutes in Hong Kong, with 4.39 psychiatrists according to one hundred,000 people, whilst in China, the ratio is 2.2 psychiatrists consistent with a hundred,000 human beings.
The World Health Organisation recommends a ratio of 10: a hundred,000. The program underneath ‘Yes I Can’ does no longer require a tremendously trained professional to function the provider because the shipping of always tremendous treatment is already built into the program.
“This is a solution whose time has come, and we’re very excited to collaborate with AXA Hong Kong and CUHK to launch this social avoidance remedy program. Technology holds the key to creating remarkable mental fitness care greater affected person-concentrated and accessible,” said Barnaby Perks, Chief Executive Officer of Oxford VR in an announcement.
Gordon Watson, Chief Executive Officer of AXA Asia, stated, “As a lifelong health companion, AXA strives to provide modern solutions to sell people’s wellness in Asia. While there is a growing cognizance of the importance of intellectual health, nearly -1/3 of respondents (sixty-eight %) admitted that there is nevertheless a stigma related to having an intellectual fitness condition stopping human beings speak approximately it and getting professional help.”
“CUHK is devoted to translating academic studies into realistic solutions, addressing societal needs and international demanding situations. Mental fitness is simply one of our key regions of the situation. Our college individuals from numerous disciplines were running on multiple modern studies projects and network carrier programs aiming at improving the mental well-being of our college students and the community at massive,” stated Professor Rocky S. Tuan Vice-Chancellor / President, CUHK.

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